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Auto Feeding Green Banana Peeling Machine 2021

2021 Advanced Green Banana Peeling Machine is our new design green banana peeling machine. It updates the feeding design, which only need worker to put the green banana in the inl ...
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2021 Advanced Green Banana Peeling Machine is our new design green banana peeling machine. It updates the feeding design, which only need worker to put the green banana in the inlet, then the machine will automatic feeding banana to continue. the green banana is peeled and the final peeled banana body is clean and has no damage on the banana surface.  It is suitable for green bananas and green plantain. This banana peeler machine can perfectly peel a green banana with a bend shape and has a good peeling speed. The Peel and Banana Pulp will be discharged from different outlets which is allowed to connect with the following banana processing line. The green banana peeling machine is usually used in the banana chips production line.


2023 New Update Green Banana Peeling Machine


Green-Banana-Peeling-Machine-for-Sale Green-Banana-Peeling-Machine-Supplier

Structure of Green Banana Peeling Machine


Comparison between Old Green Banana Peeling Machine and 2021 Green Banana Peeling Machine

2021 Green Banana Peeling Machine Old Green Banana Peeling Machine
Auto Green Banana Feeding Manual Green Banana Feeding
Automatic Adjust Banana Bending Manual Adjust the Banana Bending
Automatic Banana Press Feeding Manual Press The Banana
Capacity: 200-230kg/h Capacity: 150-160kg/h
Feeding Inlet Incline Type Feeding Inlet Horizontal Type
Machine size bigger Machine size small

Green Banana Peeling Result

Auto-Feeding-Green-Banana-Peeling-Machine-Peeled-Green-Banana Advanced-Auto-Feeding-Green-Banana-Peeling-Machine-Peel

Banana Peeling Machine Design Structure

Designing a banana peeling machine would require considering various factors such as the type of bananas to be peeled, the production capacity, and the desired level of automation. Here are some considerations:

Ripe Banana and Green Banana Peeler: The design of the banana peeling machine will depend on the type of bananas to be peeled, such as green or ripe bananas or plantains. Green bananas and plantains require a different type of peeler than ripe bananas due to their tougher skin. Romiter has the different machines for green bananas and ripe bananas.

Banana Peeler Machine Capacity: The production capacity of the machine will depend on the number of bananas that need to be peeled per hour or per day. This will determine the size and power of the machine.  For green banana peeling machine, we have single inlet green banana peeling machine and a double inlet green banana peeling machine.  For ripe banana peeling machine, we have a single belt ripe banana peeling machine and double-belt ripe banana peeling machine

Based on these considerations, we design our green banana peeling machine with following feature.

Banana Peeling Machine consists of the following parts

  1. Green banana feeding funnel: green banana enters into the equipment for peeling.
  2. Main body of equipment: the internal part includes banana peeling part and separation device of finished product and waste.
  3. Finished product conveyor belt: conveyor belt for peeled bananas.
  4. Waste conveyor belt: conveyor belt for stripping waste skin.
  5. Power distribution cabinet: electrical control cabinet of equipment.(P1)

How to Operate Green Banana Peeling Machine


1、At this time, the power indicator light is on, press the “start” button, and the equipment runs normally(P3)

2 、 The “emergency stop” button is an emergency braking button, which can be pressed at any time to stop the operation of the equipment, and the operation can be continued after reset.


3 、 In normal use, if the banana is stuck, turn the “reverse switch” to one side to reverse the motor and drain the stuck banana.


Note: if the stuck time is too long and the power supply is cut off, turn off the main power supply for 3 seconds and then turn it on

4、Proper placement of bananas

As P5 The angle between the bent banana and the straight banana should be  adjusted according to the bending degree of the banana itself. The cut plane of the banana is parallel to the angle of the panel.


Delivery Package of Advanced Green Banana Peeling Machine




FAQ for Green Banana Peeling Machine

Can green banana peeling machines peel ripe bananas as well?

Green banana peeling machines are specifically designed to peel unripe, green bananas. They can not be used for peeling ripe bananas, which have a softer skin which require the different level of mechanical force to remove.

Is green banana peeling machine suitable for all size green banana?

Green banana peeling machine are customized design according to customer green banana size. Generally. one machine suitable for green banana diameter range within 15mm. This 15mm size already very big range for same district green banana. Generally, All green banana from same country can use on one machine.

What maintenance is required for a green banana peeling machine?

green banana peeling need regular cleaning and lubrication of moving parts is important to ensure the machine operates smoothly and effectively. It's also important to periodically inspect the machine for signs of wear or damage and address any issues promptly to avoid breakdowns or safety hazards.

Why need a green banana peeling machine?

Using a green banana peeling machine can save time and labor compared to peeling bananas by hand. It can also reduce waste by removing only the outer skin of the banana, leaving the edible fruit intact. The benefits of using a green banana peeling machine include increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and reduced waste. It can also improve hygiene and food safety by minimizing the risk of contamination from manual handling.

Specification of 2021 Advanced Green Banana Peeling Machine

Model RM-GBP1-2021 RM-GBP2-2021
Feeding Type Auto Feeding Auto Feeding
Banan Bend Auto Adjust Auto Adjust
Capacity 250-300/h 550-600/h
Power 0.4KW 0.55KW
Application Green Banana, Green Plantain
Voltage Customized Available Customized Available
Dimension 1.2m*0.8m*1.05m 2.28m*1m*1.05m
Weight 120kg 260kg

Working Video of 2021 Advanced Green Banana Peeling Machine

Note: at the beginning of the video, our worker shows the process for measuring the diameter of a banana. this is only for showing to the customer who purchases this machine and letting them know this machine is made according to their requirement and their banana size can use in this machine

when customers use this machine, they do not need to measure, just feeding banana to the inlet is ok


1. 2023 Green Banana Peeling Machine for Brasil Customer


2. 37-52mm USA Green Banana Peeling Machine Price

3. 32-47mm Puerto Rico Green Banana Peeling Machine Design

4. Spain Green Banana Peeling Machine Cost

5. Peru Green Banana Peeling Machine Price

6. Philippines Plantain Peeler Machine Price

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of Banana Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the banana into different types. Romiter Banana Processing Machine meets Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

Romiter Group provides a complete Banana Processing Solution, which includes Banana Washing Cleaning Machine, Unripe Green Banana Peeling Machine, Ripe Banan Peeling Machine, Banana Longitudinal Slicer Machine, Banana Chips Slicing Machine, Fring Banana Chips Production Line, Banana Dryer OvenBanana Powder Production Line and Banana Packing Machine

Romiter Group can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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