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Can We Make Banana Juice?


Bananas are nature’s perfect snack. They’re sweet, very easy to chew, and they even come in their own handy wrappers! Bananas can be a great source of natural sugars to fuel you before a workout or while you’re on the go. Bananas are so much better than you think. Containing high amounts of potassium, fiber and iron, consuming it on a daily basis can help you with so many health issues. It can even improve your brain power and relieve hangovers.

As nature’s powerhouses, bananas are rich in potassium essential for athletic performance.

Can We Make banana Juice?

Bananas aren’t like most juicy fruits. They don’t have enough liquid content to turn them into juice. It’s either you add a lot of liquid to them or you add bananas to other fruits and vegetables to create a delicious juice.

Some fruits and vegetables out there that just can not be juiced and bananas are one of them

That’s probably why you never see banana juice or avocado juice in a carton on your supermarket aisle. Technically, you can’t juice a banana!  There just isn’t any juice to extract from one.

If you slice an orange or an apple, you’ll notice sweet liquid getting onto your hands or onto the chopping board.

Bananas, on the other hand, won’t give up any juice no matter what you do to them. If you mash one up, the most you’d get is a lump of banana goo.

Using Amylase to Juice Bananas

The process of juicing a banana through this method isn’t easy or fast. It will take a bit longer than the usual juicing process. If you’re too impatient or you simply don’t like doing a lot of work in the kitchen, this may not be the “solution” for you.

Now, to get started, you need to prepare about 2 kilos of banana. Peel each one and make a puree out of them. Once you got the right consistency, transfer the pureed bananas into plastic bags. Make sure to let all the air out.

Next, transfer the puree into your pot of water. Leave it for about 5 hours at a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius). Within that time, you can expect amylase to start working and breaking down the starch so you’ll end up with a clear liquid.

Once the liquid is there, take a nut bag and strain the pureed banana. You can massage it to really get the juice out through the nut bag.

As for its taste, well, the process can capture the natural essence of the bananas. You just won’t have to deal with any chalky or mushy consistency.

Cool, right?

Now, if you don’t have the time to go through that tedious process or if you simply prefer to have more fun with your juices, below are the recipes you can totally add to your favorite juicing/smoothie list.

How to Incorporate a Banana in Juice

Here’s the trick to making banana juice

If you really want to incorporate bananas into your juice, you can do so by blending the banana and the juice together in a traditional blender. Depending on the ratio of bananas to juice, you could end up with quite a thick concoction! But if “smooth and creamy” sounds good to you, go ahead.

Bananas do wonders to mellow out the taste when blended with juices that would otherwise taste bitter, such as grapefruit juice.

Here’s a quick recipe for banana orange juice:

  • Juice 3 oranges in your juice maker.
  • Blend 2 small, ripe bananas in a traditional blender.
  • Pour the orange juice into the blender with some sugar (optional) and a handful of ice cubes.
  • Blend again until smooth, and serve immediately.
  • If you want a colder drink you can freeze the bananas ahead of time.

Bananas also make great smoothies.

  • Blend a ripe banana with 1 cup of water or milk and add some honey or vanilla to make a delicious banana smoothie.

Another thing I personally love to do with ripe bananas is to make banana “ice cream”.
It’s super easy and only has one ingredient!

  • All you have to do is peel a bunch of bananas
  • Pop them in the freezer overnight
  •  Then blend them in a blender the next day
  • The result is a cold, creamy treat that tastes so good you wouldn’t believe it doesn’t have any added sugar!

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