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Plantain Banana Flour in Nigeria Market


Plantain flour is used in preparing a staple food, loved by different tribes of Nigeria. In the southwestern region of Nigeria, it can be kneaded into dough usually called “Amala” by the Yoruba speaking tribe. The health benefit of plantain flour cannot be over emphasized. This makes this product a very good exportable product among semi-finished exportable product category in Nigeria.

Plantain flour is made of dried and pulverized sliced plantain. Therefore, the major constituent used in making Plantain flour is PLANTAIN. Plantain is rich in high fiber content, It has low sodium/fat content and relatively rich is protein (between 3.0 to 3.5%) compared to other fruits. It contains high level of Ascorbic Acid, Carotene and some other vitamins valuable to the development of the body. Plantain flour consumption is especially good for patients suffering from: Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Arteriosclerosis, Angina Pectoris, Palpitation, High Cholesterol Level, High Blood Pressure, Obesity e.t.c. Plantain has been listed as one of the major high fibre rich foods.

There is high demand of plantain flour in the international market. Especially Nigerians in diaspora are in current need of plantain flour. The increasing health benefit of plantain flour discovered day-by-day by researchers worldwide has relatively increased the demand of the product. Right now, just a few companies are supplying this product to the international market from Nigeria. To start this business, the most important Raw Material you need is PLANTAIN which we have enough suppliers to supply you.


For production of plantain flour, you will need the following machines:
1. Dryer
2. Plantain Slicer
3. Hammer Mill with Cyclone
4. Vibro Sifter
5. Soaking Tanks
6. Packaging Machine

Procedure of production involves the following:

a. Sorting: Separation of unsuitable ones out of the batches.
b. Weighing: The sorted plantain is properly measured on the scale.
c. Blanching: In order to achieve easy peeling, in this process, the plantain will be soaked in hot water to soften the skin.
d. Peeling: The skin will be removed manually with sharp knives to obtain it’s pulp.
e. Slicing: A mechanical slicer will be used to slice the pulp.
f. Drying: In this process, the sliced plantain will be dried
g. Milling: A hammer mill will be used to mill the dried sliced plantain.
h. Sieving: In this process, the flour is sieved to obtain the desired particle size.
i. Packaging: Finally the flour will be packaged in a moisture proof packaging material according to various measures.

This project requires you to put some things in place before take-off like: factory building, machinery and equipment, generator, project vehicle, office furniture, equipment and bore hole. You might also need up to 58 personnel both skilled and casual in running this project.


This project requires within N25m – N30m for startup depending on your business location and can attract a Return on Investment of 30% – 48% per annum, if you are producing within 450-500 tons/annum or more.


The most interesting aspect of plantain flour is that it has high demand both in the international and local market. This means, you can sell locally here in Nigeria and also export to African countries and other continents of the world. You can make more profit if you are exporting it abroad. If you are a Nigerian and well established in Diaspora, you can embark on this project in Nigeria, and start importing the product to your country, thereby serving as both exporter and importer. This will highly increase your profit in the business but it is important for you to check import regulation of the country of your residence.


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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of Banana Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the banana into different types. Romiter Banana Processing Machine meet Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

Romiter Group provides a complete Banana Processing Solution, which includes Unripe Green Banana Peeling Machine, Ripe Banan Peeling Machine, Banana Longitudinal Slicer Machine, Banana Chips Slicing Machine, Fring Banana Chips Production Line, Banana Powder Production Line and Banana Packing Machine

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