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Banana Fiber Extractor

Automatic Banana Stem Fiber Extracting Machine

Automatic Banana Stem Fiber Extracting Machine is used to extract fiber from the banana stem and banana trees. It can also be used for jute fiber, banana stem fiber, sisal fiber, ...
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Automatic Banana Stem Fiber Extracting Machine is used to extract fiber from the banana stem and banana trees. It can also be used for jute fiber, banana stem fiber, sisal fiber, pineapple leaf fiber, hemp fiber, ramie fiber extracting. The raw material banana tree or banana stem is sent to the blade drum by the feeding device. The high-speed spinning blade drum and fixed blades break the raw material and separate the fiber and residue. The fiber separated from the residue will drop on the conveyor bell for the next process. Automatic Banana Stem Fiber processing machine is mainly made up of frame, drum blades, fixed blade sheet, feeding mouth, safety cover, motor, feeding roller, discharging conveyor etc.  It is full-automatic, very low labor cost, high capacity, and high quality; It is really perfect for industrial  producing




Banana fibre is extracted from the pseudo stem Sheath of the plant. The extraction can be done mainly in three ways: Biological, chemical and Mechanical. Of these, mechanical extraction is the best way to obtain fiber of quantity in an eco-friendly way. In this process the fiber is extracted by inserting the pseudo stem sheaths one by one into a raspador machine. The raspador machine removes non-fibrous tissues and the coherent material from the fiber bundle present in the sheath. After extraction, the fiber is shade dried for a day and packed in bags. Then it is stored away from moisture and light to keep it in good condition until it is used.


Specification of Banana Stem Fiber Extracting Making Machine

Name Banana Stem Fiber Extracting Making Machine
Model RM-FE2000
Capacity 2000kg/h
Power 7.5 KW
Voltage can be customized
Roller Diameter 120mm
Dimension 5550*1650*1310mm
Packing Dimension 3130*1310*1520mm
Weight 1500kg

Note: banana free container 2%-3% fiber 

Working Video of Fiber Extracting Making Machine

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