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Volume Measuring Type Banana Chips Packing Machine

Volume Measuring Type Banana Chips Packing Machine is used to pack banana chips with volume measuring cup. It completes the whole procedure of feeding, measuring, bagging, date pr ...
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Volume Measuring Type Banana Chips Packing Machine is used to pack banana chips with volume measuring cup. It completes the whole procedure of feeding, measuring, bagging, date printing, charging (exhausting), and finished product out-putting automatically. High accuracy, high efficiency without crashing the materials

Applications of Banana Chips Packing Machine

It’s suitable to use in automatically packing any loose, no adhesive, granular materials of foodstuff, medicine, and chemical industry. Such as puffy food, fried food, shrimp slices, chips, peanuts, melon seeds, oatmeal,fragile food,instant drink,desiccant,monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, washing powder etc

Features of Banana Chips Packing Machine

Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel box body, after the parameters (length of bag) are set at the display setting unit, the control system then automatically optimizes and matches various movements, thus achieves the best packing speed. Equipped with reliable and stable double power source photoelectric detecting system, it guarantees the complete logo of packing bags. Controlled by intelligent temperature controller, and all the processes of measuring, making, filling, sealing, code printing, cutting, and counting etc can be done automatically

Specification of Banana Chips Packing Machine

Model RM-VP150 RM-VP320 RM-VP280
Bag Length 30-150mm 50-320mm 80-280mm
Bag Width 50-150mm 50-150mm 80-220mm
Packing Speed 40-110bags/min 20-60bags/min 30-60bags/min
Weight Range 10-120g 10-200g 200-1000ML
Packing Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm 0.04-0.08mm 0.05-0.1mm
Rolling Paper Diameter =<400 =<400 =<400
Power 1.8KW/220V 2.5Kw/220V 2.5Kw/220V
Weight 190kg 250kg 350kg
Dimension 820*980*1680mm 820*900*1980mm 850*1000*1980mm

Working Video of Banana Chips Small Bag Volume Packing Machine

Continuous Bag Banana Chips Packing Machine


Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of Banana Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the banana into different types. Romiter Banana Processing Machine meet Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

Romiter Group provides a complete Banana Processing Solution, which includes Unripe Green Banana Peeling MachineRipe Banan Peeling MachineBanana Longitudinal Slicer MachineBanana Chips Slicing MachineFring Banana Chips Production LineBanana Powder Production Line and Banana Packing Machine

Romiter Group can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact with us for more information.


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