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What Is Banana Water?


Banana peel water is nutrient-rich water obtained from boiling banana peels. It provides the plant with an organic source of nutrients that promotes plant growth while preventing deficiencies associated with low potassium which includes brown scorching and curling of leaf tips.

The mineral nutrients within the banana peels are leached into the water during the boiling process. The high temperature of the boiling water breaks down the fibers of the peel which allows the potassium and manganese to easily move into the water.

It is important to note that not all the minerals are removed from boiling and the peels themselves still have a good amount of minerals within them.

The peels can still be dried off and reused on plants as an additional source of slow-release minerals which we will discuss further in this article.


How to Make Banana Peel Water?

Banana peel water can be made by boiling or soaking the peels in water for a period of time. Additionally, soaking the peels in water and allowing it to sit for some time can also draw the minerals out from the peels and into the water.

These are the Methods for obtaining the banana peel water:

Banana Peel water from Boiling

Use this method to obtain banana peel water from boiling. The amount of peels to use depends on the amount you have available at the time.

  1. Place the peels in a cooking pot
  2. Pour water and cover 1 inch above the peels
  3. Stir properly
  4. Place on medium heat (350 oF)
  5. Allow to boil for 30 – 45 minutes
  6. Strain the peels and save the water residue

If the resulting residue is too thick you can also add water to thin it down for addition to your plants.

Banana Peel water from Pulverizing

Banana Peel water obtained from pulverizing follows the same steps as from boiling (stated above).

The only difference is that the banana peels are broken up into small pieces in a blender before it is boiled.

This increases the surface area of the banana skin being exposed to boiling water. As a result, there is potentially a higher concentration of minerals that can be obtained from the peel using this method.

Banana Peel water from Soaking in Water

Obtaining banana peel water from soaking requires the peels be left in water for a period of time for the minerals from the peels to be leached into the water.


  1. Place approx. 5 banana peels into a medium sized jar
  2. Fill the jar with water
  3. Cover the lid and seal the jar
  4. Allow to sit for 10 to 15 days

The peels will turn black as time passes and the water will also change color. After the time has passed, strain the water from the peels and apply to your plants.

Use Pulverized Banana Peels in Soil

Banana peels will still contain a good amount of minerals in the peels, so they can still be used directly into the soil. Pulverizing the banana peel into tiny pieces or a powder will allow it to break down quickly and release the nutrients into the soil for the plants.

Pulverizing increases the surface of the peels which allows for a faster release of nutrients into the soil. Breaking up the soil will allow for a quicker release of minerals into the ground.

There are several ways to do this, but first you’ll want to dry the peel. Drying the skin helps remove any remaining moisture and makes it easier to break apart.

You can dry the peels by putting it out in the sun or leaving it out to dry somewhere. After it’s dry, it’s time to pulverize the peels.

A blender works, just make sure you don’t add water to it as if you’re making a smoothie. Blending should only take a minute before it’s fine enough to use.

How to Use Banana Peel Water

Mist Succulents with Banana Peel Water

Any household spray bottle can be used effectively. Peel water must be added to the spray bottle before spraying.

Make sure the banana peel water is liquid enough and thin enough for it to come out of a spray. Thin the peel water out by adding more regular water.
Spray the plant on the top and bottom of the leaves.
It’s best to spray in the early morning hours before the sun comes out. The plants will be able to best absorb the nutrients and moisture before the water dries.
Spraying the topsoil also allows the plant’s roots to absorb moisture more easily.

Bottom Water with Banana Peel Water

Bottom watering is an effective method that ensures that the entire plant’s root system gets water without the risk overwatering your plants.

Here is how to bottom water using banana peel water:

Get a flat container, similar to a drip tray, but higher on the sides, so water won’t spill out.
Place the plant pot onto the container tray.
Slowly pour banana peel water onto the tray, so the water reaches about 1 to 1.5 inches high.
Let the plant pot sit in the water for 15-20 minutes. The bottom of the plant will start to absorb the water bottom-up during this time.
Test the soil by sticking your finger about an inch into the soil to see if it’s moist. Once you find the soil is moist, you can remove the plant.
When removing the pot from the tray, excess water will start to drip.
Bottom-watering trays are useful for keeping your plants watered. These trays are made of metal and plastic, and you can buy them online.

Plants that Banana Peel Water is Effective on

Banana peel water is effective on all types of plants, but the way that the water is applied will differ.

For example, succulent plants like aloe require frequent misting. If you don’t have access to a sprayer, then you can use a spray bottle.

Other plants, like orchids, benefit from being sprayed with banana peel water. Plants like tomatoes do not need to be sprayed with banana peel water as much as other plants. However, there are some plants that need to be sprayed with water every day. This includes annuals like petunias.

In general, if you have indoor plants, you can mist the plants, water from the top, and use the bottom watering technique with banana peel water.

For outdoor plants, use top watering and spraying.

Use Banana Peel Water as a Pesticide

Banana peels contain natural bacteria that help plants grow. Fermented banana peel water helps plants grow by encouraging beneficial bacteria. Insects dislike the smell of fermented banana peel water.

Fermented banana peel water contains beneficial bacteria which promote healthy roots. The smell of the fermented banana peel water keeps away unwanted pests such as iguanas, lizards, snakes, and fruit flies.

Insects like fruit flies, gnats, plant lice, and flea beetles will be irritated and even killed by the alcohol produced during fermentation.

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