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Plantain Chips: Baked or Fried?


This is one of my all-time favorite Caribbean snacks and if you are from the Caribbean, then you must surely recognize these chips.  Growing up, plantain chips was a staple in my house.  Whether guests were over or we just had extra plantains that we didn’t want to get ripe, my mother had no problem frying up a batch of these chips.  I used to always love eating these with ketchup and hot pepper sauce, some people like theirs with different types of condiments like garlic sauce or  mango chutney.  They are also just as tasty without any sauce.


If you are from the Caribbean then you know our foods are very carbohydrate intensive.  Everything we eat is either served with rice or some type of heavy carb like roti or fried dough.  It’s sometimes difficult to make our favorite dishes healthy without compromising the taste, but since we are all moving towards a more healthy America, then the least we could do is try right?  Well today I decided that as much as I love fried plantains, I really want to bake them to see how different they would taste.

Baked plantain chips are a great substitute for those who want to avoid the calories from deep frying. The taste is the same, however the texture is very different.  The baked version is much crispier and drier.  You see when you fry a plantain chip, you get a nice golden crust while keeping the moisture inside the chip.  When you bake a plantain chip, you are drying out the entire chip resulting in a crisp chip all the way through. If you can get past this one textural difference, then you are on your way to having a healthy version of one of your most favorite fried snacks!


You have two options. Completely green (which is what I used) or slightly ripe.  Below is a picture of what slightly ripe looks like. It will still taste like a green plantain, except it will have a hint of sweetness.  I grew up eating plantain chips made from completely green plantains so that is what I used for this recipe.  One thing to note is that the greener the plantains the lighter in color the inside will be.  If it is slightly ripe, when you fry the plantain, you will  notice a deeper yellow color which comes from the ripeness.
I will go through two different process; baking and frying.  You can follow through my pictorial instructions to see the difference.

Prepping the plantains

Use your knife to help you gently lift the skin off. Continue with your fingers to peel away the green skin.
If you have a mandolin slicer, this will speed up your process.  I don’t have one so I cut these by hand. The thickness of your slices should be about 1/8in.or as thick as a nickel.

How to Baking

Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes

How to Frying Plantain Chips

If you don’t have a thermometer, just test by dropping one chip into the oil, you will know the oil is ready if the chip floats to the top almost immediately
Prep your bowl by sprinkling salt and pepper on the napkin, when you throw the hot chips in the bowl it will make contact with the salt and pepper and stick to the chip.

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